What It Is

Closed-cell foam bubbles are filled with gas. When it cures, it becomes rigid and can actually add strength to the structure.  It has a high R-value rating and reduces sound by up to 50 decibels. Closed-cell foam insulation also becomes a class II vapor barrier when applied at depth of 1.5” or greater

Closed-cell foam: Up to R-7 per inch , 1.7-2.3 lbs/cubic ft

Common Uses

Closed cell foam insulation is ideal for many types of projects and works especially well for residential, post-frame, or commercial buildings.

The use of spray-closed cell foam insulation is an investment that will pay off substantially. Although the upfront costs may be higher, it will never have to be replaced, won’t lose its effectiveness, and offers superb sound insulation.

applying spray foam insulation to open walls

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