What It Is

Also known as blanket insulation, batt insulation comes in flat pieces made of fiberglass typically placed between studs, rafters, and joists. Batt remains effective over time because it does not settle. It is very budget-friendly and comes in a range of R-values.

Batt Insulation: R-11 to R-49 depending on thickness installed

Common Uses

Fiberglass products offer efficient and reliable insulation for any type of structure or project. It can also be used to insulate attics, ceilings, floors, and walls. Fiberglass batt is a very flexible product and can be customized to fit into framing, ultimately reducing heat transfer and lowering energy costs.

fiberglass bat insulation in an open wall

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Great experience. Spoke with owner who was professional and happy to answer my questions.  The foam insulation is top rate, and they also did attic insulation.

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I am 100% satisfied. Excellent customer service, on time, friendly and knowledgeable. I had insufficient insulation in my attic, and they remedied the situation quickly and professionally by adding enough insulation to achieve R-49. Top notch!

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