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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation


Spray foam insulation is ideal for any open wall area such as; new construction, additions, basement finishing and remodeling down to the studs.  Spray foam is also perfect for metal outbuildings, old foundations, crawlspaces and rim joists.


Spray foam insulation is growing exponentially in the industry. The reason it because not only does spray foam deliver highest R-value per inch, but additionally it minimizes or stops drafts and air leaks.  In order to have a comfortable, energy house or building you not only need to have sufficient R-value but equally importantly you also need to stop drafts and air leaks, and spray foam insulation does both.  



Types of Spray Foam

There are two types of spray foam; low density open-cell spray foam, and high-density closed cell spray foam.  Both are excellent insulators and have recommended uses based on what it getting insulated. 


Open-cell is cost effective in applications where the insulation will be covered. 


Closed-cell, since it is more dense, can be used in applications where moisture may be a consideration and where the insulation will be left exposed.



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Customer Comments

The owner was the first to respond to my inquiry. I only wanted to insulate my attached three-car garage that was not insulated, but I knew that even though the house was two years old, all of the insulation was done poorly. Jason offered to either do just the garage space, or take on all spaces for what I considered a very reasonable price. The insulation was blown in and is now very uniform. Rulers placed in the attic showing 19 or 20 inches throughout. I felt very good at the end of this project and would use Affordable Foam again.

Martin S. - Carlisle, IA